To find the full list of these Pipedrive apps and integrations, go to your dropdown and click on "Marketplace".

You can see the apps and integrations you already have connected to Pipedrive by going to Tools and apps > Marketplace apps.

In the Marketplace, you'll find a full list of apps and integrations – each with its own description and links to more information.

Search for "MoonBack".

You'll find a quick-and-easy "Install now" button allowing you to easily add the app to your Pipedrive account.
For some apps that rely on a third party's service, you will instead see a "Visit site to install" button, which will take you to their instructions on how to integrate their service with Pipedrive.

Many of the apps found in the Pipedrive Marketplace allow for their actions to be available in relevant places within the Pipedrive app, making customers more efficient in all of their business dealings in and out of Pipedrive. These apps can be found under the App extensions portion of the Marketplace.

If you've enjoyed MooBack, feel free to leave a review, so that other Pipedrive customers can see how useful it can be for improving their business!

Note: Updates are constantly being added to the Marketplace, so it's worth checking back regularly to see what's been added and to see if you could improve your productivity, or work better and smarter within your team's workflow.